Terriers type of Bull (TTB) is an extremely adorable and loyal dog, they sacrifice all for their owners and look at humans with great love and respect. The unique quality of these dogs inspired us to help them and motivated us to start our foundation. The last 5 years we have worked with tragic life stories that are hard to understand, but these stories are happening every day in Poland. Dogs are starved, beaten, bound to trees in the forest and abandoned, tossed from cars in high speed, throat nearly completely cut, bound with steal wires, locked into basements for several days without food and water, deserted in abounded houses, and tossed away like trash. Changing these destinies is our duty. Please help us so we can help.

Our foundation is fighting for these abandoned dogs, we have turned our attention towards the TTB breed (American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Pit bull and Bull terrier)

These dogs (second to after mixed breeds) are the usual victims and are abandoned by humans. Most of the abandoned dogs end up at dogs shelter around Poland where they often come short in the battle of being adopted to smaller and cuter breeds. Many of these dogs end their life without even seeing the outside of the dog shelter. They end their life in the most unworthy way; surrounded by their own feces, mud and in the cold.

TTBs are the breeds our foundation knows and understands the best.

According to our sources there are at every time several hundred dogs of these breeds in the polish dog shelters. If we would get the opportunity we would like to have them all over to our custody; we want to take them away from their horrible life and give them a new and loving home. Unfortunately we do not have the opportunity; we don’t have the financial recourses and the necessary facilities to rescue and save all the homeless dogs. This is why we have to prioritize the dogs that need us the most. We are not afraid of challenges, which is why we often take in really sick dogs in critical medical conditions, or dogs that are at the end of their life due to aging or neglect. We take care of the dogs that have problems after being physical, psychological or mentally abused. We are a non-profit organization, but our work is challenged with large expenses. Our organization is in desperate need for money and support for long term veterinarian care, diagnostic procedures, surgery, dog food of high quality (due to many of our dogs are severely malnourished), support to dog hotels and means to temporary homes where the dogs can stay and get the necessary help they need until they are adopted. Our foundation is solely surviving on donations from people that care – all of our finances are from trusts given to us from individuals that want to help.


We are deeply grateful for even the smallest donation to our foundation and cause. You can choose if you want your donation to go to our foundation in general, support one of our dogs or to virtually adopt one of our dogs. We are grateful for gifts that will benefit our dogs in a daily basis as dog food, food bowls, collars and leashes, dog toys, blankets, agents against fleas and ticks, and dog cages.

Of invaluable help for us are assistances of physical support in form of volunteer work. This kind of assistance can be through different forms. The most important thing is temporary homes where the dogs can experience the love of humans within the foundation until we find them a new and permanent home. Temporary home is the most special form of help – here the dogs can live in a home where treatment and care often gives a better and faster result. Here we have the opportunity to evaluate the dog, and see how the dog works in daily situations in a home. It is here we best get to know the dog, and give us the opportunity to shape and train the dog so it is ready for adoption and a new owner.

Another form of help that we really appreciate is people that can help us with our dogs that are placed at the veterinarian clinics and dog shelters. Thanks to visitors who can take the dogs out for walks, and the daily presence of considerate and kind people often recovers a sick dog faster. The healthy dogs benefit with fundamental and behavioral training which they desperately need. The dogs then get the opportunity to walk and play which they would not get elsewhere. The time spent with these dogs is an important aspect of their recovery, and by this we earn back their faith in humans.

Finally, there is also a way to assist in the actual adoption process. We are constantly looking for volunteers that can inform people about our dogs and the foundation both over the internet and in papers. We also need volunteers that can give out flyers to veterinarian clinics and pet shops (zoos)


Adopting one of our dogs is the biggest support you can give to our foundation. Are you looking for a companion in life please contact us. We are always making sure that all of our dogs are suitable for adoption in the best possible way. Not only do we have general knowledge about the dogs' behavior, mind and temperament, but also their health (all our dogs are followed closely by a veterinarian, tested, diagnosed and treated). By adopting a dog from our foundation you avoid unpleasant surprises. We can talk about our dogs for hours since we invest so much time, and become familiar with them before they are adopted out.

If you want to help our foundation, but do not know if you physically have the ability or time, you can always support us financially. Even the smallest amount you choose to donate can do a lot and change the fate of a homeless and helpless dog.



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