Our goal is to rescue and save abandoned and abused dogs, and this work is challenged with large expenses. This include the following: transportation, veterinarians, diagnostics and treatments, residence at dog hotels and temporary foster homes and necessary accessories and products that the dog is in need of.

The possibilities we have to help our dogs in need are depending on the financial means we have available.We are a non-profit organization, and are pending on the support from donations from individuals. It is the donations that decide on the number of dogs we can rescue and save.

We gratefully accept even the smallest donation to our foundation. Financial donations can be made directly to the foundation. You can also choose to sponsor a specific dog, either financial or donations through gifts suitable for our dogs. Among other things these gifts might be: quality dog food, food bowls, collars and leashes, toys, dog cages and products and medication to prevent tickbites and fleas.

We are at the time highly engaged in two campaigns: full food bowl and protect a dog from babesiosis.

We highly appreciate your commitment in either one of these causes.

Everyone has the capacity to help, either by financial support or by donating gifts in form of necessary accessories and products that our dogs need on a daily basis.

Please keep in mind that your donations to our foundation will be of substantial help to give a homeless dog the opportunity to a new life….

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