“There are still angels among us
Even though they don’t have wings,
their heart is still a safe harbor
for those in need.”
Phil Bosman

We understand that the means to help our little friends does not always agree with the possibility to adopt. This is why we give you the unique opportunity to virtually adopt a dog, which makes you its sponsor!

If this is something you decide on, please email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Leave the information on which dog you would like to become a sponsor to, and also the monthly amount you can grant (We require no minimum amount).

If you decide to sponsor a chosen dog, we will be happy to place the information on the dog’s website. Please keep in mind that one dog can have several sponsors. This only means that this specific dog is well attended and taken care of.

As a sponsor you have the opportunity to get to know the dog, not only through the dog´s website, but also in real life.We would be delighted and grateful for a visit, and you can take the dog out for a walk. The time spent with these dogs is an important aspect of their recovery. Those who choose to become sponsors will receive pictures and information in general about their dog such as; health, treatment, progress, behavior and comfort.


Become a sponsor – become a dogs guardian angel

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